We help new customers find your eye care business.

Online marketing is complicated. We make it easy.


Your customer may not be finding you even if you are online. Optical Resources helps you leverage search engines, online maps, directories and mobile apps to drive foot traffic into your practice and optical shop. Connect with your customers when and where it counts today!

Services We Provide

Local Internet Marketing

75% of Users never scroll past the first page. How are you showing up when and where your customers are looking for you. We optimize and expand how you are listed on search engines, online maps, directories and mobile apps to drive new customers into your business.

Paid Search Marketing

Advertising exactly when someone is actively looking to buy your product or service is the most financially rewarding and cost efficient way to spend your advertising dollars. We design, implement and manage your advertising campaign to save you time, money and gain even better results. 

Conversion Optimization

82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase.
But it doesn't matter how many people visit your website if they don't choose to come to your location or schedule an appointment. We optimize your website or build unique landing pages so customers choose to buy from you. 

Having a website isn't enough anymore. The reality is customers – likely even you – turn to search engines, review sites, and mobile apps to discover what to do, where to go, who to buy things from and more. If you are not present when, where how your customers are looking for an eye exam or new eyewear, that purchase is going to your competitors. 

Online marketing isn’t something new to eye care businesses. Yet, far too many neglect how important it is for their business success. Rather time, money, or lack of understanding is keeping you from utilizing , today's independent eye care business must take advantage in order to be relevant in today’s crowded marketplace.

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